vendredi 6 novembre 2009

Out now ! Soledad "Heaven's gate" (mis045)

Supported by Laurent Garnier, Anthony Pappa, Dave Seaman, Ali Dubfire, Glimpse,...

Parisian House guardians Missive Music return with a single from new act Soledad. However Soledad is no new kid on bloc and is in fact a newly coined moniker for Nicolas Matuszczak AKA Matzak who producer who has been filling dancefloors for last few years with his standout singles on labels such as Kompakt and Boxer. With Soledad Matuszczak is intent on creating a sound representative of the underground French scene and with that in mind there is possibly no better label than Missive to team up with.

First of the 2 cuts on this single is entitled ‘Heaven’s Gate’ and is a journey into warm bass heavy house with deep techy simplicity to it. There are elements of elecro and deep house here that fuse to form a melodic yet understated piece of electronica that works brilliantly.

Following ‘Heaven’s Gate’ we have ‘Danser = Vivre’ (or ‘to dance = to live’ for those that don’t parlez francais). Here we move into chunky house music territory with solid drums and a rollin’ b-line creating a bed for sparsely arranged top line melodies. This is a perfect accompanying track and alongside the opener creates a package that is sure to bring dancefloor’s alive.

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