samedi 7 novembre 2009

Alland Byallo "My city" - rmx Alexkid (mi046)

MY CITY - rmx Alexkid by missivemusic

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  1. Feedbacks so be continued...

    -Sei A / Droido: great release. Alexkid remix is top work. Thanks A
    -K-Soul (Kinda Soul/Sistrum): Another solid release. I go for the Alex Kid remix
    -Florian Kruse (NRK/Hynotone): fantastic release. feeling alex kid's remix the most.
    -Milton Jackson: Alexkid for me here, original great too, many thanks
    -Einzelkind: alex kid is on fire !! love it !!
    -Solomun: beautiful rmx. also walking is nice.
    -Sasse Lindblad (Freestyle Man / Mood Music): Whooh -My record of the month for sure, all the cuts are EXCELLENT, love the the originals with their twisted yet deep take on houz music and Alex remix is just pure deepness. Chart / Support action - thanks alot !
    -Jonny White (No19 Music): really diggin Alland's stuff recently but Alex Kid's remix does it for me here! Love the deep sexy vibe and the classic feel..but still edgy enough to work in my dj sets.. wicked
    -Claudia P.Toile / Trenton / Channel: super ep.. love all tracks. great alex kid rmx.. :)
    -Alex Niggemann (8-bit/ Supernature/ 2020 Vision): Alex Kid Remix is nice..
    -Thomas Schumacher (Spielzeugschallplatten / Electrochemie): Quality stuff. Nice one.
    -Akufen: I like both My City cuts. will play.
    -Jim Rivers (Simple / Misfit records): loved allands recent remix on coenen ludwigs track. continues in strong form here. walking is ace as is alex kids remix
    -Ernesto Ferreyra (Musique Risque / Cadenza) Walking is the perfect combination between driving techno and deep house vibe. killer!!!
    -Stacey Pullen (Transmat-Detroit): my city both mixes are good, nice and deep
    -Emerson Todd (Dirty Bird): lovin shir nice stuff
    -Yannick Labbé (Trickski / Innervisions): Really dig the alex kid remix. will play it a lot!
    -Matthias Vogt (Motorcitysoul): alex kid remix!
    -Demi (Deeper Substance): love the whole ep
    -Ashley Beedle (Xpress 2 / Skint): Like the dynamics and production on SHIR. Big support on this.
    -Grzegorz Demianczuk (3 Channels / Crosstown Rebels): im playing MYCITY since few weeks superb track!!!!!
    -Ante Perry (Systematic) nice alexkid mix!
    -Alex Flitsch (Connaisseur Recordings): Like the Alex Kid Rmx of My City and Walking...
    -Vangelis (Phonica): NICE!! the whole ep is cool. "My City" original & Alex Kid remix my favs but the other two tracks cool as well! just in time for next week's TBar gig.
    -Ripperton / Lazy Fat People: Great release !
    -James Teej (Rekids): alex kid mix is amazing
    -Ivan Iacobucci (Smoke Joke Records): All trcks are really good. My favourite is Shir: sofisticate tecnological afro funk!! Massive Missive!!
    -Kris Wadsworth (Morris Audio / Hypercolour): yeah man...excellent. see, this gentleman knows how to do percussion right. its got flavor, originality, thought, feel...this is what is dope. missive is a great label as well. one of the coolest promos in a few. 110% behind and in front of this. ; D
    -Brendon Moeller (Beatpharmacy / Wave / Varioues): walking and the alexkid remix are beauties!
    -Osunlade (Yoruba): lovin this one! picks: My City (Alex Kid Rmx) & Walking
    -Daniel Schulze (Trenton): great stuff indeed!! thanks.