lundi 3 mai 2010

OUT NOW ! Logan "Westie" incl. Sei A remix

Out now on Beatport ! New Logan's EP, incl. Sei A remix.

Supported by Thomas Schumacher, Patrice Baumel, Djulz, Nicole Boudaber, Stuart Patterson, Milton Jackson, Mathias Vogt, Terry Francis, James Teej,...

Out now on Beatport !
Logan "Westie" (mis048)
- Original
- Cairn
- Cairn - Sei A remix

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Missive music welcomes Scottish producer Logan AKA Gordon Logan to the label stable with the release of this stunning new single for the Parisian imprint.
Logan is the co-owner of the much lauded Seinan Music along with business partner Andy Graham AKA Sei A, he has also recorded for the likes of Tronicsole, Worship and Deep Freeze and though his own productions have taken a back seat in recent years due to a heavy workload at the label for 2010 he is back with a string of releases including remixes for Sei A and Matt Walsh.
Logan's style has developed from his love for classic deep house, left-field techno and years of warm up sets up and down the UK and his keen ear for fine tuned production abilities are very much on show for ‘Cairn’.
The single launches off with the EP’s title track, a solid, chunky slice of deep and techy house with a rich mix of swirling pads and warm synth lines all washed over in a sea of bass and beats, simple yet effective this is an instantly engaging and likeable piece of house music.
Next on the package we have the ‘Cairn’ remix from Sei A, a wonderful slab of tripped out, bass heavy house that dives straight into a hypnotic groove and doesn’t let up til the party’s over. A wonky bass topline and added vocals give the track another dimension in this reworking that is sure to create some dancefloor mayhem in the wee small hours!
Finally we have the excellent ‘Westie’, a deep and percussive workout with a simple marimba line and vocal snippets that create a great ‘heads down’ vibe. A perfect partner to the accompanying ‘Cairn’ and remix and a superb closer to this standout release.
Missive is consistent in it’s quality releases and in welcoming Logan to the label it would seem it has another champion of top notch underground house music.

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